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Tents For Camping 3-4 Person Double Layer Yellow and Gray

This tent for camping in yellow and gray has 3-4 person sleeping capacity. It has double layers. The material of the pole is high-quality and high-strength FRP which makes the tent stable and compressive. The rainfly is made in 190T polyester which is water-proof, wind-proof and UV-proof. The gauze net of the canopy helps prevent the insects and make you breath freely.

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  • SeasonThree-season Tent
  • Weight5kg
  • ColorYellow
  • Canopy Height55.12 inch (140 cm)
  • Canopy Width82.68 inch (210 cm)
  • Canopy Length82.68 inch (210 cm)
  • Bottom MaterialOxford Fabric
  • Rainfly Materialpolyester
  • Canopy Materialpolyester
  • Pole MaterialFRP
  • LayerDouble
  • StructureOne Bedroom
  • Bottom Waterproof Index1500mm-2000mm
  • Rainfly Waterproof Index1500mm-2000mm
  • Building TypeQuick automatic opening
  • Sleeping Capacity3-4 person

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Q:What are the kinds of outdoor products in your website?

A:Our website including camping tents, sleeping bags, camping mats, hammocks, binoculars, monoculars, spotting scopes, flashlights, headlamps, camping lights and etc.

Q:How to set up the tent?

A:Generally there are two kinds of tents in our website, automatic tent and manually set tents.
Manually set tents:
1 Practice setting up your tent before you go camping.
2 Find an area that is flat and free of sharp objects.
3 Unpack the tent and all of its parts.
4 Unfold the tent and lay it in the respective area.
5 take down the corners of your tent.
6 Connect your tent poles.
7 Assemble the frame of the tent. Tents for camping come in a variety of different designs.
8 Secure the rain-fly of the tent.
Automatic tents:
1 Open the tent and spread 4 corners.
2.Keep the pole stand with hands.
3.Hold poles and lift them gently.
4.Quick automatic open in 3 seconds.
5.Connect canopy to rainfly.
6.Connect release buckle and tent peg is ok.

Q: What is the best way to wash my tent?

A:Start by gently shaking out your tent. Never pick up a pitched tent by the poles. Instead, breakdown your tent and unzip the door on your tent body and turn the body inside out. Gently shake out debris.
Use a toothbrush or similar and remove dirt and grit from all zippers on body and fly.
If there is pine pitch or other buildup on the tent body or fly spot treat with warm water and a purpose specific soap such as Tech Wash by Nikwax. Rinse with water and let dry. If needed you can also soak the tent in warm water and Tech Wash, gently hand wash, rinse thoroughly, and dry.

Q: What is the best way to store my tent?

A:Take care when storing your tent for a long period. Store gear in a dry, temperature controlled environment. Never store gear in a garage or attic! These areas have large fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
Optimum storage is to drape the tent fly and body in a room or closet. If this is not possible roll or stuff your tent in the storage sack. It is recommended that you pull your tent out of the sack and lay it out (you don’t need to pitch it) every 3 to 4 months when not in use. This will help prevent mildew and other damage to the coated materials.
Always store your tent clean and dry.

Q: How do I use the guy lines on my tent?

A:Guy lines provide stability to the pole structure and are important to use every time you pitch your tent. While it may not seem windy when you set up camp, you never know what the weather may do during the night. Guy lines are most effective when staked directly into the wind. Often times you can attach lines to the stakes you used on the tent body. You can also attach multiple guy lines to a single stake.

Q: How do I choose a tent?

A:Ultralight: Ultralight tents are ideal for backpackers who value weight above all else. These tents feature small packed sizes and in some cases palatial interior space. If you are a minimalist backpacker or tired of the confines of the traditional bivouac, consider the ultralight series.
Superlight: Superlight tents are ideal for backpackers and campers who like to save on weight. If you are a weight conscious backpacker who values a little bit of luxury while not compromising on weight, take a look at the superlight series.
Backpacking: Backpacking tents are roomier, have more volume, and are larger and a bit heavier than the superlight series. These tents are ideal for occasional campers who want Big Agnes quality and for avid campers who like to give their gear a workout. If you are enthusiastic about car camping but would like to have the option to take your tent backpacking, take a look at our backpacking series.
Base/Car Camping: This series includes all full featured tents. These tents are easy to store, easy to put up, often roomy enough to stand up in, and offer the kind of comfort you can afford when you are not carrying your tent in your pack. The camping family or campers who intend to stay a while will enjoy the space and comfort base and car camping tents provide.
Mountaineering: Mountaineering tents are designed to shelter you from the harshest of elements. These tents are four season tents that are packable and light to carry for any deep backcountry excursion. Mountaineering tents are for campers who are prepared for whatever the weather may bring.

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Tents For Camping 3-4 Person Double Layer Yellow and GrayTents For Camping 3-4 Person Double Layer Yellow and GrayTents For Camping 3-4 Person Double Layer Yellow and GrayTents For Camping 3-4 Person Double Layer Yellow and Gray

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